It's possible to buy great wine for that special dinner or event without having to spend a lot for it!

Wine is a very special and peculiar drink. All the care and attention expended in its production process makes it even differentiated and brings with it an almost mystical feeling.

The taste of this drink is already known by many of us and is able to make any occasion much more special, but there are still many people who associate wines at high prices, which fortunately is not true!

Of course there are rare labels that actually have a higher price, but several options are much cheaper than you can imagine, without giving up the delicious taste and quality of production. You can find several options up to $ 50!

Great wines up to $ 50 to save any occasion

Whether it's a romantic dinner with your loved one or that gathering of friends or family, the event can be even more delicious with the presence of good wine that flows softly down the throat and also through the pocket!

1. Cabernet Sauvignon 2015 Noble Art Reserve - Chile

This red wine leads to the famous and beloved Cabernet Sauvignon in its composition. The drink is perfect for day to day, since it has a super price and also has wonderful fruity aromas.

The slight touch of bitter chocolate that appears in the background makes this label even more special, as well as the balance it presents in the mouth and the firmness of the tannins.

It harmonizes nicely with pizzas, mature cheeses, pasta with red sauce, barbecue and red meats.

2. Las Moras Syrah Organic 2017 - Argentina

The glamor, elegance and sophistication of rosé wines also combine with a more moderate budget! Proof of this is this beautiful work of Bodega Las Moras.

The purity exhaled by this wine is truly captivating. The notes of fresh strawberries make the drink even lighter and more pleasant, in conjunction with the outline of flowers and spices that can be noticed in the flavor.

To harmonize, bet on antipasti, squid on the plate with tartar of tomatoes and shrimp and paella. He is also great to be consumed alone, in a great conversation with friends.

3. Lidio Carraro Dadivas Brut - Brazil

Brazil also produces great labels! Dadivas shows this in a sparkling brut, with sparkling bubbles that make your tasting even more fun and delicious.

Fresh and aromatic, its style immediately resembles citrus fruits such as pineapple and green apple, as well as delicious nuances of white flowers. Of dry and delicate taste, it is acid and very creamy.

Sushi, sashimi, Thai food, seafood and fish in general, light salads and unhealed cheeses harmonize very well with it, as well as being excellent as an aperitif to open that special meal.

A curiosity: most sparkling wines have no vintage, unlike other types of wine. This is because they are usually produced through the result of different crops.

4. Callia Alta Torrontés 2017 - Argentina

White wine lovers can also save money and still taste great labels! This wine, which carries the Torrontés grape, is very pure and has an incredible aroma with notes of peach and lychee.

It proves to be an excellent choice for warmer days, as white wines are usually more refreshing. It sure is a lot tastier than having a glass of ice water!

Linguine with shrimp bisque, chicken and sage tarts and fruit desserts harmonize perfectly with this label, which will exceed all your expectations.

5. Norton Harvest Tardy 2017 - Argentina

This dessert wine is sweet and quite delicate, which takes Chardonnay grapes that were harvested late, which gives them a much sweeter taste.

The notes of honey, white fruits and ripe citrus and apricot guarantee an incredible flavor, in addition to persistence and acidity that stand out. This is a wine that does not pass in barrels for aging.

Harmonization can be done with petit fours, sweet fruit pies, fruit salads, blue cheeses or even alone, such as good dessert wines.

6. Callia Malbec 2017 - Argentina

Another option of red, the Callia Malbec has a fruity and fairly balanced flavor. It comes from the region of San Juan, which appears with increasing intensity in the wine scene.

This red has a very pleasant flavor, both for the old lovers of wine and for those who are at the beginning of their trajectory in enophilia.

Some dishes with which he combines very well are fatty fish, pizzas, hamburgers, pizzas, meats and snacks in general.

7. Flor de Penalva 2015 - Portugal

The white wine Flor de Penalva is a great choice of Portuguese wine, made with Malvasia-Fina, Cerceal-Branco and Mical, grapes typical of the region. The Wine Cellar of Penalva is a reference in the region of Dão.

Fresh cheeses, dishes that have grilled fish at their base and entree generally harmonize nicely with this label.

Make an Even More Tasty Weekend!

These are some of the numerous wine options that can be found for under $ 50, which is great for your budget and also to stir up even more family gatherings or with friends.

Whether white, red, dessert, sparkling or rosé, what matters is that you guarantee great wines online without spending much. Tell me the truth: is there a better combination than that?