The first time I drank fine wine was with a Chardonnay. I had never been in that part of the market to buy wine.

The experience was new. To this day I do not know why, that day, I decided to do that. And to this day I thank Medrano's Chardonnay. Yes, it's been a long time, but I remember well.

My second fine wine was also a white one. a Torrontés, who accompanied me for months. Talk about white wine, to me, is always interesting.

The white grapes. Often they are responsible for making us enter the world of fine wines. Be it in a white, light and aromatic, or through the sparkling.

The 12 main grapes of white wines

Let us know better the main grape varieties currently found in the Brazilian market?

1. Chardonnay

Source: Burgundy, France.

Characteristics of Chardonnay: As fruit, it has white film, simple flavor and can be aromatic.

Wine Styles It Produces: It produces white wine, when varietal, it can be fruity, of medium aging or serve as wine for sparkling wines.

Curiosity: It is one of the few whites that benefits from fermentation / aging in oak barrels.

Chardonnay in Brazil: It has a stable area of planting in Brazil, due to the obtained quality of the wine.

2. Gewürztraminer

Source: Alsace, France.

Characteristics of Gewürztraminer: As fruit, it can reach a lightly pinkish film when ripe, spicy and intensely aromatic.

Wine Styles It Produces: It produces fine white wine, fine and aromatic varietal.

Curiosity: Alsace has been part of Germany in more than one moment of history. It has been part of France since 1944 and continues. Despite this, the Gewürztraminer is really famous in Germany, representing one of the country's iconic wines.

3. White Moscato

Source: The Moscatos originate in the Mediterranean Basin.

Wine Styles It Produces: Its fruit is of white film and muscatel flavor. It can produce white wine, fine varietal of brief consumption.

Curiosity: It can contribute in assemblages with weak wines in aromas.

4. Riesling Italic

Source: Central Eastern Europe.

Wine Styles It Produces: It produces white wine, fine varietal, fruity and of brief consumption. Can be used for sparkling wines. Its fruit is of white film and simple flavor.

Curiosity: Has great affinity with the terroir of the Serra Gaúcha, presenting good wines in the region.

5. Sauvignon Blanc

Source: Original from Bordeaux and / or the Loire Valley, France.

Wine Styles It Produces: They can produce light wines to be consumed in the summer or full-bodied wines for harmonization. Its fruit has white film and neutral taste.

Curiosity: It has not yet been able to present its full potential in the Serra Gaúcha terroir. However, it has been prominent in the vineyards of altitude in the Serra Catarinense, where it produces white wine of good aromatic intensity and lively acidity.

6. Semillon

Source: Originally from Bordeaux, France.

Wine Styles It Produces: It produces white wine, fine varietal, of brief consumption, slightly fruity. It produces good wines in the conditions of the Serra Gaúcha.

Curiosity: Santa Catarina started producing Semillon for sparkling wine in 2017.

7. Trebbiano Toscano

Source: Original from Tuscany, Italy.

Wine Styles It Produces: Its varietal wine is of short consumption. Its fruit is of white film and simple flavor.

Curiosity: It may be a wine for assemblages by being neutral to aroma.

8. Pinot Blanc

Source: Original from Burgundy, France.

Wine Styles It Produces: Its fruit is of white film with neutral flavor, originating white fine wine non-alcoholic.

Curiosity: It comes from a mutation of Pinot Noir, and receives other names in Germany.

9. Pinot Gris or Pinot Grigio

Source: France.

Wine Styles It Produces: Similar to Pinot Noir in other characteristics, being that it produces blank wines with good aromas.

Curiosity: Expediently popular in the United States, it has been the subject of songs by Lady Gaga.

10. Prosecco

Source: Originally from northern Italy. Fruit of white film that reaches good amount of sugar.

Wine Styles It Produces: It is used in the production of sparkling wines by the Charmat method, including in Brazil.

Curiosities: It stands out in the quality of the products elaborated in Brazil.

11. Torrontés

Source: It is part of a group of white people from Galicia, Spain.

Wine Styles It Produces: Their wines are very aromatic and fine, almost always resembling white flowers.

Curiosities: It spread through countries of Spanish colonization, makes excellent wines in Argentina.

12. Viognier

Source: France.

Wine Styles It Produces: Its fruit is of strong yellow film, originating wines of intense yellow coloration, of complex aroma and with good acidity.

Curiosities: Variety adept to hot environments. You can also use your wine for sparkling wines or sweet wines. It can withstand aging, but without wood.

Could you learn a little about white wine grapes?

Did you notice that we talked about "white grape varieties" and not "white wines"? That was the intention.

Now, knowing a little of each grape, you can already tell which variety is responsible for your favorite wine. And learn more about it!