To know the Basic Features of a Pinot Noir can help and much at the time of wine choice. Knowing a little more about the grape, aromas and flavors can help you decide whether or not you like it. Or, better understand why you love the Pinot Noir. We always like to know more about the things we like, right?

Did you know that it is rare to find the name "Pinot Noir" on the label of a French red wine of this type of grape? This is because Bourgogne (or Burgundy) is the official region of this type of grape. So if the wine is red, French and written "Bourgogne" on the label, it means that it is a Pinot Noir. In France, it is common for the grape variety within the bottle to be defined by the region where the wine comes from, not by the name of the grape, as it is in Brazil and most of South America.

Pinot Noir Básico

Let's learn how to recognize a good Pinot Noir, the types of bottles and what is the best cup to serve the wine. In addition to the basic features such as aromas, flavors and color of Pinot Noir.

What is a Pinot Noir wine?

Having its origins in France, more specifically in the Burgundy region, a Pinot Noir consists of a type of grape belonging to the red family, being recognized by the sophistication of the french wines. It is a wine that attracts the fanatics and beginners in the wine world. It has often become the favorite grape of many people. You are one of them? 

Pinot Noir

Countries such as Chile, the United States, New Zealand and Brazil are already starting to excel in the production of this type of wine, Pinot Noir is better known to Brazilians.

It is worth mentioning that this grape is widely used in the production of those who are among the best champagnes and sparkling wines in the world.

And what are the basic characteristics of a Pinot Noir wine?

Now, let's look at the basic features of Pinot Noir and their most common tasting notes. Each wine has a different characteristic, so beware. a Pinot Noir French has little chance of being akin to a Pinot Noir argentino. We learned about it when we saw what is terroirremember?

  • Color of Pinot Noir

Among wine connoisseurs, the Pinot Noir is known as "the whitest grapes of paints". This means that although it belongs to the family of dark grapes, it has a softer tone compared to other types.

Exactly for this reason, the color of this wine is not as dark as other reds, such as Cabernet Sauvignon, for example. When placed against a white background, for example, you can see through the glass. Unlike the Cabernet Sauvignon.

We can say that the Pinot Noir traditionally presents light red color, maintaining a tone between the pink and the violet.

  • Aromas of Pinot Noir

With regard to this issue, the Pinot Noir is marked by the perfect combination of fresh fruit aromas (strawberry, raspberry, blackberry and cherry) with flowers (violet and pink).

Aromas do Pinot Noir - Frutas Vermelhas
Pinot Noir usually has aromas of fresh red fruits.

Depending on the climate of the region, some spice may appear, such as anise. Also have earthy aromas, remembering mushrooms or carrot roots.

In short, it is a deliciously aromatic wine, keeping the feature light and elegant. If well produced, it shows high complexity of aromas.

  • Taste of Pinot Noir

Due to the softer tannins in the Pinot Noir Grape, the taste of this wine is predominantly fresh, delicate and elegant. For this reason, the Pinot Noir is used in the manufacture of the best sparkling wines and champagnes of the world.

In other words, the taste of this drink provides a fresh and silky palate, easy to enjoy.

Pinot Noir harmonizes with what?

When it comes to preparing the menu and choosing the best wine for a dinner offered to friends, family or even two, you need to understand a bit about harmonization. That's when you're going to ask me, "Pinot Noir harmonizes with what?". I'll get back to you right away:

  • Fungus fungus;
  • Stuffed potato;
  • Roasted lean red meats;
  • Fish: salmon and tuna;
  • Boiled vegetables;
  • Soups, broths or chicken soup prepared with care;
  • Creamy white cheeses (mainly Brie and Camembert);
  • Traditional dishes of French cuisine, such as: rabbit with mustard, cooked ham and lean meat cooked with vegetables, boeuf bourguignon, coq au vin, etc .;
  • Chocolates with up to 70% cocoa.

What is the best time to serve a Pinot Noir?

The perfect weather to take and serve a Pinot Noir consists of days and nights with cool to warm temperature, that is, it is the perfect choice for the spring and summer seasons. 

Winter, on the other hand, usually asks for the more robust reds, which usually accompany more caloric dishes. However, if you are willing to invest a little more, there are Pinot Noir that are more dense, complex and accompanying typical winter dishes.

In short, for those who do not give up appreciating a good red even during summer of tropical countries, the ideal choice is undoubtedly an excellent Pinot Noir, which can quietly replace the beer in the famous happy hour at the end of the day.

Pinot Noir Price Range

O price of Pinot Noir can vary and much, as we have seen in these 14 curiosities about Pinot Noir. In order for you to make a correct and faithful choice Basic Features of a Pinot Noir Wine, write down these precious tips for selecting the brands that offer best quality and price comrade:

Pinot Noir French

  • Louis Latour Cuvée Latour Bourgogne - R $ 115.00;
  • Fortant de France Reserve des Grands Monsts Pinot Noir - R $ 105.00;
  • Ropiteau Frères Bourgogne Pinot Noir - R $ 95.00.

Pinot Noir Chilean

  • Tarapacá Gran Reserva Pinot Noir - R $ 109.00;
  • Calyptra Gran Reserva Pinot Noir - R $ 104.00;
  • Calyptra Living Reserve Pinot Noir - R $ 68.00;
  • Montgras Pinot Noir Reservation - R $ 41.00.

Pinot Noir (United States)

  • MacMurray Ranch Central Coast Pinot Noir - R $ 120.00;
  • Edna Valley Pinot Noir - R $ 89.00;
  • Redwood Creek Pinot Noir - R $ 57.00.

Pinot Noir Brazilian (national)

  • Salton Paradox Pinot Noir - R $ 54.00;
  • Miolo Reserve Pinot Noir - R $ 45.00.
  • Ana Cristina Pinot Noir - R $ 120.00.
  • Quinta da Neve Pinot Noir - R $ 120.00.
  • Suzin Pinot Noir - R $ 95.00.

In short, when choosing a wine High quality Pinot Noir, regardless of price, it is imperative not to run away from those produced in one of these four countries to achieve quality wine.

Attention to the shape of the bottle of Pinot Noir

It is interesting to recall that the bottle of Pinot Noir is differentiated, being that it is a bit more "chubby" compared to the others, with bottleneck that tapers in the end.

Historically, producers in the Burgundy region of France have used this bottle format. Besides the Pinot Noir, O Chardonnay also uses the same bottle, another grape recognized in the Burgundy. Already in Bordeux, where the main production is Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, we have the most common bottle format. Check below:

Garrafa de Pinot Noir

You can also find Syrah in that same type of bottle.

Which cup to use for Pinot Noir

Another golden tip to enjoy the taste and aroma of Pinot Noir is to choose the perfect cup to serve it, which in the case is the same name of the French region that originated it: Burgundy. This type of glass is more rounded than the others, being easily found in large supermarkets. In the image below, the left-hand cup is ideal for Burgundy region, that is, it is the cup for Pinot Noir.

Taça para Pinot Noir

Now tell me, what did you think of the Basic Features of Pinot Noir and posting tips. Were they enough? I was able to teach you a little bit more about Pinot Noir? Tell me what you found here in the comments below! (I.e.