The first bottles of wine had the longer, conical neck, then like an onion. The problem was that these containers could not be stored horizontally. With the advancement of wine industry and industrialization, glass bottles and conical corks appeared to function as a lid, since a piece of them remained outside the top of the bottle, making it easy to remove them with the hands.

By the middle of the twelfth century corks had evolved into a cylindrical shape and with so many changes an artifact was necessary to remove these corks, with which came the first corkscrew.

The first reports mentioning the wine opener in textual reference originates in England and corresponds to the Treaty of Cider, written by James Worligge in the year of 1676.

In this context Worligge speaks of a steel screw used to remove the caps from the bottles. This was not wine opener conventional wisdom we know today, but one for sure, a tool with the same goal.

In today's post we bring some tips from top models of wine opener. It is an essential artifact for all those who enjoy good wine.

What is a wine opener?

As the name itself says, the wine opener or as it is popularly known, the corkscrew. This is an indispensable tool when opening bottles of wine, since most of the good wines are stored in closed bottles with cork stoppers.

Nowadays in the market, we can find several models of wine opener which can be both manual and automatic and can be purchased for different values.

Following are the main models of wine opener:

1. Pressure wine opener

The pressure wine openers are considered very practical and easy to use. They extract the stopper by inserting the pressure inside the bottle, causing the stopper to move. There are several models that provide different types of handling. Some models work with air pumping, done manually, others work with automatic air injection.

It is worth mentioning that the individual should be careful when wine opener, because if the bottle is cracked, even if it is small, or even if it is fragile, it may rupture, causing the contents to leak.

2. Wine opener forceps

That wine opener is one of the best options for cork stoppers collectors. It is an object of has two very thin but resistant blades, which fit the sides of the corks.

These blades make it easier to extract these stoppers and ensure they come out of the bottle intact.

3. Butterfly wine opener

O wine opener butterfly is a very simple tool to use. It requires little physical effort, since after removing the seal, simply fit it into the bottleneck of the bottle and then turn the butterfly.

The screw will then be fully inserted into the stopper. As the butterfly rotates two levers located on the sides rise. To extract the stopper simply force these levers down.

4. Electric Wine Opener

We are talking about a wine opener a bit more sophisticated than the others. O wine opener electric is practical and fast.

Simply fit it correctly on the bottleneck of the bottle and then push the button so that the screw is inserted into the stopper. Then just push the other button to make the extraction.

5. Sommelier Wine Opener

This model of wine opener it's very simple. Its small size as well as its hinges makes it fit in the pocket and can be taken anywhere. To remove the cork from the bottle, simply turn the spiral part over the cork, pressing the flaps down.

Once the spiral gets the required depth, simply pull up to extract the cork. An important factor to take into account is that this wine opener also serves to break the bottle seal

6. Traditional wine opener

O wine opener traditional design has a simple "T" shape. To remove the cork from the bottle with this wine opener just attach it over the cork and tighten it down by turning it as it inserts into the cork.

When the suction part reaches the required depth, it must be pulled to extract the cork.

7. Rabbit wine opener

As the name itself already informs us, this wine opener very reminiscent of a rabbit. The flaps by which the bottle's neck is attached resemble the animal's ears.

It is a very simple opener to use. To extract the stopper, simply fasten the tabs around the neck, lower the lever that inserts the spiral into the stopper and then pull it up. The stopper comes out quickly and easily.

8. Table wine opener

O wine opener table is very simple and practical. To remove the stopper, simply position the bottle under the flaps, push the lever down and then up. Even though we are not a portable object, we are talking about a product that guarantees quality and safety.

Overall, there are many accessories that make up the table for a good wine connoisseur. Undoubtedly, the wine opener is one of the most important objects that are part of this team. A practical, elegant and indispensable tool, be it aluminum, steel, gold, silver or titanium.

Editor's notes: Which are the best?

In my humble opinion, the Sommelier opener is the joker of all situations. It serves everything, and serves well. Practicality is his name.

For a second moment, the tweezers. They are essential if you have aging wines in cellars. The stoppers can dry and create a grip on the bottleneck of the bottle, and only a forceps opener will be able to open without undoing and do that damage on the cork you will want to keep.

In my humble opinion, the rest you might find to be cool. They are expendable. But of course, it goes from the taste of each one. Each person creates their own ritual. Come on, the important thing is to be able to open the bottle without damage in the cork!