How can one not delight in the quality of wines produced in France? With dreamland status for the admirers of this wonderful drink, French soil has many incredible terms and flavors.

To know the best wines that you should experience when you land in this European country, just check a list with 15 options not to be missed.

Here, we do not identify specific wines, but French regions and wine styles that you need to know. No matter the brand.

1 - Chablis

This is a well-known type of white wine. This fame is so great that there is even one who chooses to refer to white wine as chablis.

This wine can be consumed with chicken meat, especially in the preparation of the city of Bresse.

This is because the region is considered gastronomic reference for the preparation of the birds. But, Chablis also combines with goat's cheese, which can be found on average for 20 euros.

2 - Beaujolais-nouveau

This name is due to a very famous event in the locality that always occurs in the third week of November, preferably on Thursday.

Although there are those who disdain their excellence, this type of wine deserves to be appreciated and can be found for up to 5 euros!

The term is also due to the reddish tint of red wines, which need to be consumed within 24 months to be properly savored.

3 - Saint-émilion

Even if you have no history with wine tasting you will feel something different to savor it. Annually, the hectares are able to produce approximately three and a half million liters of this wine!

And, unlike what you imagine, the price is not at all exaggerated. The tourist can find a bottle for 10 euros.

It is important to note that this type is famous for aging remarkably well, because some bottles can resist for up to two decades without affecting its quality!

4 - Saint-Amour

What a name, right? This red wine is made from the Gamay grape and is accompanied by very exotic dishes, such as frogs, escargots and even Paris mushrooms.

Counting on a controlled denomination of origin, this wine has a floral aroma that appears in the North, near the Saône River.

5 - Pouilly-Fuissé

This wine is made exclusively with Chardonay grapes, containing a golden color with greenish reflections.

Experts recommend their consumption along with crustaceans and broccoli quenelles, a typical French fish dumpling.

But you have to be careful when looking for this product! This is because it is very common to make some confusion with Pouilly-fumé, made in Nievre, in the vineyards of Loire.

6 - Graves

The name corresponds to the Garone River gravels that surround the three thousand hectares that generate both white wines and red wines with values well into account.

In addition, the famous Graves-supérieures correspond to well-sweet white wines that until now have manual harvesting.

This variety is very aromatic and highlights the thymus of a calf.

7 - Chinon

This wine is extremely recognized and eternalized by the words of the writer Rabelais.

The Chinon differs from the others due to its purple red appearance and becomes even better with the passage of time.

In addition, the purchase value can range from 5 to 20 euros.

8 - Banyuls

This liqueur and naturally sweet wine is responsible for catching the attention of thousands of visitors year after year.

Approximately 70 hectares make this type of wine, which is in proper condition to be drunk 36 months after finalizing its preparation.

However, there are those who say that the best time to savor this wine is after being tanned for two decades.

9 - Hermitage

This is a name that anyone who considers wine appreciation should become familiar with.

Produced from the Syrah grape, the red tint counts with sophistication and enchants to any consumer even in the first goals.

At the end of the production process, the drink will acquire a straw hue. And only three places in France can call their wines by that name: Tain-l'Hermitage, Crozes-l'Hermitage and Larnag.

The marketing figures are slightly higher than the other wines quoted in this list. Hermitage can be bought for 20 euros, 50 euros and even more.

10 - Côtes de Provence

Taking a wine of this type is tantamount to appreciating your free time wonderfully. Red wines are the favorites, yet the production of white wines has also strengthened in recent times.

11 - Tavel

This wine benefits from the approximately 2700 hours of natural light in the growing region, as well as an intense local wind called mistral.

These two natural elements are fantastic for the assemblage grapes combination.

The Tavel falls perfectly well with the Italian gastronomy, the couscous and the salumerias.

12 - Châteauneuf du Pape

On the southern side of the River Rhone, the Châteauneuf du Pape has achieved impeccable status with a red wine, although the vineyards also generate an excellent white wine.

The popularity is such that the sale value can exceed 100 euros per bottle, turning around $ 400.

And this exorbitant price does not always refer to the best years.

13 - Riesling

The most famous variety of Alsace. A star that performs true miracles by being placed on the table side by side with the sauerkraut. This combination even has a proper name: Gewürztraminer.

This drink is easily found and is highly recommended for making harmonies.

The strain, which is marked according to its taste of fruit, also accompanies certain fish, oysters and even vegetable soup.

But you should also taste this French wine with a nice fresh cheese and / or a cake. This mix is fantastic!

14 - Sancerre

The region east of Bourges has about 2700 hectares that generate this name recognized by the long and memorable taste in the mouth. And its versatility can be seen as a great differential for other types.

After all, the Sancerre can be drunk promptly or also after several years stored in ideal conditions. The wine is white but distinct and deserves to be experienced by the greatest number of people.

15 - Saint-estèphe

On the banks of the River Garonne is an enormous number of denominations of Bordeaux, including the Saint-estèphe.

Defined as "raw red wine," this product has an incredible aging ability: five decades.

It is a drink that fits very well with a roasted little face. It is possible to buy a bottle for up to 10 euros.


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