Our article today will be brief and objective. We list the 8 sparkling wines we indicate for you to buy for the festivities of New Year's Eve.

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Our intention here is that this guide will serve as a practical way for you to reach the market or wine shop and know exactly what to take without error.

All the sparkling wines on the list have already been tasted by our team. Some of our Xodos have been around for a long time, such as Casa Perini Brut and Salton Rosé, which used to be called "Poetics."

To facilitate, we divide them into five categories:

  1. Sparkling wines sweets for those who do not drink sparkling wine;
  2. Sparkling wine for those who like sparkling wine but want something accessible;
  3. Sparkling wine for those who want to invest in something better, but not too expensive;
  4. Sparkling wine for anyone start the year with everything;
  5. Sparkling wine for those who want a show at the turn, to start the year with the right foot.

Let's quench anxiety and see how sparkling we've separated for you?

In all the sparkling we add links to some store. We do not earn anything from this and we advise you to look for the best price. Not always the link store has the lowest price, so stay tuned.


1. Sparkling wine for those who do not drink sparkling wine (sweet, to please everyone)

Whoever welcomes the family, knows that the sweet sparkling wines - muscatel - is always successful. Our choice was based on quality and price.

These, in our opinion, are the best sparkling moscatel on the market today.

By a key feature: he is not sweet on a level that even gets seasick. You can drink calmly.

2. Sparkling wine for those who like sparkling wine and want something affordable

Already for you that likes to drink sparkling wine but still, you know you will have to share the drink with the crowd, these two are right bets.

They are method sparkling Charmat very well done. Fresh and yummy, the kind that calls for a second sip.

Salton's Brut Rosé, although not sweet, usually pleases those who are afraid of sparkling Brut.

3. Sparkling wine for those who want to invest in something better but not so expensive

If you want a little more style, and still, do not shell out a fortune, we have options. There are choices that suit your style.

The ones we chose are great for the occasion. Especially for anyone who wants quality. Even for a toast, just, these are very good choices.

Cave Amadeu is from Cave Geisse, considered the best sparkling producer in Brazil by many specialists.

4. Sparkling wine for those who really want to start the year with everything

These are top-level sparkling wines. It's for really tasting.

Who wants to start the year on the right foot deserves one of the three on the list. Our preferred is the first. However, the other two do not leave anything to be desired.

5. For those who really want to make a show, the way is this:

Now, here, we arrive at a high point of the night. These are special sparkling wines. The first two, produced by the Stars of Brazil.

We recently met the production site in Bento Gonçalves. And if you're one of those who likes a jaw-dropping sight, visit them.

And it's not just the sight that surprises. The products are mostly saffron, and the production is of a quality difficult to find in Brazil. Worth every penny:

  1. Stars of Brazil Nature Rosé Champenoise 2007 (R $ 105.00 - R $ 185.00)
  2. Stars of Brazil Nature Champenoise 2010 (R $ 105.00 - R $ 185.00)
  3. Dal Pizzol Forty Years Nature ($ 136.00 - $ 195.00)

That's it, you're ready for New Year's Eve!

I hope I have helped you in choosing the sparkling wine for New Year's Eve. Do not forget to tell us what you like in the comments below.

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